Performance Opportunities

Our performance opportunities are beyond the typical dance recital. We put on a professional production involving a storyline, actors and professional costuming. These professional dance productions are an opportunity unique to Vanessa Plettell Dance. 

Christmas Demonstration

In December, dancers get to demonstrate what they have learned so far and get used to performing on a stage. This allows the students to develop their performance skills, learn theatre etiquette and have fun in our winter themed production!

Year End Show

We put on a professional performance which demonstrates the skills developed throughout the classes. This highlight of the year involves actors, Le Jazz Hot Dance Company dancers, fabulous choreographies, colourful costumes, a big audience, and a professional stage! This big, professional production is a wonderful performance opportunity for the dancers which allows them to show off their skills and have lots of fun!


2022 – 2023 Season

Winter Show
  • December 20
  • Meridian Theatre
  • Coppélia Synopsis: An old village toymaker Dr. Coppelius is determined to use magic to change his Coppélia doll invention into a living, breathing woman. A free-spirited village maiden, Swanhilda, trapped in his toy factory switches places with the doll and plays along with the old doctor. Dr. Coppélius believes his magic is working but doesn’t realize that the imposter’s goal is to wake up her drugged fiancée, Franz, and escape. Will Swanhilda and Franz escape? Don’t miss this exciting dance story of Coppélia!
Year End Show
  • May 20
  • Shenkman Arts Theatre
  • Fairytale Adventures Synopsis: A young girl is granted three wishes from a genie. She wishes to visit her three favourite fairytales – Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella! Join her on this exciting dance performance of three classic fairytales!


Here’s what one of our audience members had to say about our show:

“My name is Miranda and I am originally from the Ottawa area. I studied at Juilliard and now teach in Toronto. I was in Ottawa this past weekend visiting my mother for Mother’s Day and anytime I visit, I pop into Shenkman to see what’s playing. I went for a run and saw that your school was performing that night and thought I’d buy a ticket.

I am emailing you because I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your show. So unlike the painful recital of dance number after dance number. It was such a professional production!! The calibre was just outstanding.

Your show was a breath of fresh air and I just thought I’d email to tell you how much I enjoyed it!”

– Miranda H.

Here is some behind the scenes content from our 2016 show, Esmeralda!


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