“I am an RAD ballet teacher from the UK and have had the pleasure to teach for Vanessa Plettell Dance studio for two years. The children were an inspiration and such a joy to teach. I loved the director because she was so professional and really challenged the children; while maintaining a fun, friendly, encouraging environment. Everyone is kept enthused throughout the school year with an opportunity to do dance examinations, a Christmas showcase, entering top dance competitions and an outstanding two act end-of-year show. Nurturing dance students from toddlers to graduation, I highly recommend VPD!”

– Michelle Harrison, former teacher

“Vanessa Plettell Dance gave me the opportunity to grow in my training and love for dance. They offer their dancers the opportunity to experience several styles of dance, and always stressed the importance of technique. The professional quality of instruction that I received at VPD led me to continue my training at the Quinte Ballet School of Canada’s Professional Training Program in Belleville, Ontario. There I performed many classical ballet repertoires. Upon my graduation from QBSC, I danced with Arts Umbrella’s Post Graduate program in Vancouver, British Columbia. I was fortunate to be able to work with many artists and choreographers including Crystal Pite. Thanks to my strong foundation that Vanessa Plettell Dance provided me with, I was able to pursue dance as a career.”

– Melenka, former student

“Vanessa Plettell Dance is more than a dance studio to me, it is a family. I have learned and improved so much while dancing here and I love the variety of classes. This studio gives me so many opportunities like the chance to complete exams, compete at competitions, perform on stage and so much more. This studio helped me find my passion and love for dance. The faculty is supportive of my goals and all the students are so talented and supportive. I love assisting with classes and inspiring the next generation of dancers. I have learned many skills such as dedication, perseverance, responsibility and communication. The director, Vanessa Plettell-Chevrier puts so much work into the studio, her classes and her dancers. This studio has changed my life for the better and I am so grateful to dance here!”

– Kyla, former student, now teacher

“As someone who has been dancing at VPD for more that 8 years, I can say with certainty that this is an incredible dance studio. The teachers are qualified and very experienced, and my technique and overall performance has improved tremendously over the past few years because of these teachers. The director, Vanessa Plettell-Chevrier, has helped me improve my dancing (especially in ballet) so much, that I went from not being able to do a clean double pirouette, to being able to do multiple fouettés (occasionally on pointe), in only the span of two years! Not only is this studio very technically advanced, but it is also a big part of my social life! I have met so many nice people in the studio over the years, and I now have a close friend group of amazing girls, which makes it even more enjoyable to go to dance multiple times a week. I also adore the amazing exams, competitions and the Year End show, a big, professional performance that includes all of the dancers in the studio. Overall, this dance studio has changed my life. I absolutely adore dancing at Vanessa Plettell Dance Inc. and am very proud to be a part of it.”

– Nicola, student

“I started at Vanessa Plettell Dance when I was 6 years old, 10 years ago, I’ve gotten to grow both as a dancer and as a person since then. At VPD we get so many opportunities to perform between the Christmas show, competitions and the year-end show. I’ve also participated in the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) and Adapt exams for many years, to get different perspectives on my dance skills and abilities. The amazing teachers at the studio have created a great environment to learn from their knowledge and experience in dance, and have fun! At VPD I’ve also gotten the opportunity to assist in the younger student’s classes which I love because I get to help give them the amazing experiences I had growing up at the studio. I love coming to the studio everyday and seeing my friends and teachers who have become family, and I’m so happy to call this studio my home.”

– Izzy, former student, now teacher

“Vanessa Plettell Dance has shaped me into not only the dancer but the person I am today. I have had the privilege to have developed from a student, to an assistant, to a teacher, all through the mentorship offered to me through the studio. The studio environment is welcoming and creates a sense of belonging for students, and the teachers all work their hardest to push you to be your best self. The professional atmosphere encourages growth and has helped me develop my leadership skills. Overall, Vanessa Plettell Dance was an incredible place to grow up dancing, I have learned countless lifelong skills that will stick with me forever, and I have made so many lifelong friends. I am grateful to be a part of the VPD faculty and hope to have the opportunity to have the same positive impact on my students that my teachers had on me.”

 – Allie, former student, now teacher

“Thank you so much for the class today for my son. When I tell you that he loved it, I mean he LOVED it. He couldn’t stop talking about it all day and showing off his new moves.”

– Parent of a 5-year-old

“My name is Miranda and I am originally from the Ottawa area. I studied at Juilliard and now teach in Toronto. I was in Ottawa this past weekend visiting my mother for Mother’s Day and anytime I visit, I pop into Shenkman to see what’s playing. I went for a run and saw that your school was performing that night and thought I’d buy a ticket. I am emailing you because I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your show. So unlike the painful recital of dance number after dance number. It was such a professional production!! The calibre was just outstanding. You have many talented dancers but I have to mention there was one little girl, a petite, tiny, little thing- she was in the opening number…what a firecracker!!! There was something about her that drew me in and every time she was on stage, my eye kept going to her no matter where she was. She just had a way of connecting to the crowd. Your show was a breath of fresh air and I just thought I’d email to tell you how much I enjoyed it!”

– Miranda H.

 “My daughter started at Miss Plettell’s studio at age 3 – almost 14 years later and her love of dance is still going strong. Miss Plettell cares deeply about her dancers, nurtures them and is supportive of their dreams. In my own daughter’s case, this eventually led to acceptance as a summer student at each of Royal Winnipeg Ballet School, École Supérieure de Ballet du Québec, Boston Ballet School, and as a year-round student in the professional division at School of Alberta Ballet. The year-end performances, together with RAD exams and carefully-chosen dance competitions throughout the year, allowed my daughter to develop a presence and confidence that will benefit her for life, both on and off the stage.”

– Former parent 

“Since coming to Vanessa Plettell Dance, I have improved tremendously in my dance technique and performance abilities. The teachers are wonderful and very encouraging, allowing me to work to my full potential and succeed in all my dance endeavours. I started ballet and jazz at the studio 2 years ago and immediately fell in love with it’s warm, friendly atmosphere, which gave me back my love of dance. The studio provides excellent training while keeping the classes fun and enjoyable as well. The end of the year show is also a highlight and a great experience for all the students. Without the support and training I received at Vanessa Plettell Dance, I wouldn’t have had the confidence or technique to pass my Advanced 2 RAD exam this past year. Vanessa Plettell Dance is truly dedicated to the progression and growth of each dancer and is really a wonderful place to be!”

– Kerrie, former student  

“My daughter Coral has danced with Vanessa Plettell Dance for the last four years. We had tried a couple of other dance schools and with Vanessa Plettell Dance, we really hit the jackpot. Coral has blossomed under the highly skilled and compassionate direction of Ms. Plettell and her talented dance teachers. Coral’s confidence has grown along with her technique, stage presence, and her many dance buddies. The end-of-the-year show is fabulous year after year and we have a long line-up of family members and friends waiting for their tickets!”
– Sandy, former parent

You know you’ve got a great teacher when you follow them around from studio to studio and over a good many years! That’s what you receive from this woman, a professional dance instructor able to impart to others of all ages and ability, in a most uplifting manner, an art form and technique where the dancer is the stuff of which it is made. And let me say that I was not alone in becoming a follower, there were several others who valued Ms. Plettell-Chevrier’s prowess.

I have known Vanessa Plettell-Chevrier for 43 years. I came to know her as a skilled, caring, generous, nurturing, talented teacher and professional dancer. Before establishing her own studio in 1988, Vanessa Plettell-Chevrier taught locally at a few other dance studios and gymnastics clubs. I was so taken by her ability, knowledge, skill, artistry, showmanship, and genuine caring for others that I followed her so as to benefit from her expertise. I was one of the pioneers of her Jazz classes when her school opened. She made classes fun, had a great sense of humour, which she injected into her choreographies, and honoured each student regardless of skill level, giving them individualized attention, and their own moments in the spotlight at her annual productions, which incorporated dance, theatre, and voice, complete with sets and lights which framed the choreographies and positively influenced the way the movements were perceived. Her students have also performed at various National Capital events. I would be remiss in not mentioning that Ms. Plettell-Chevrier went the extra mile to ensure that scholarships were in place to assist dancers, and many other things she has done quietly over the years to assist her dancers and their families. God knew what He was doing when he placed this vocation in her heart and mind! I can unequivocally recommend Vanessa Plettell Dance Inc. for your dance needs whether it be for recreational dance, intensive, or competitive programs and from children to adults. There are a variety of styles to choose from be it Royal Academy of Dance ballet syllabus, Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers Jazz and Tap syllabi, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Acro, and possibly more. Thank you Vanessa Plettell-Chevrier for being a true bright light in the dance world performing, teaching, choreographing, and contributing to our enjoyment of this art. We have been blessed!

– Michelle, former dancer
“Ms. Plettell produces an amazing year end “Production” with the cast of children and adults. Ms. Plettell puts in extreme effort and detail in ensuring classes, exams, shows, competitions, camps are perfect. She puts her heart and soul into the school. With the participations of parents it allows us to ensure the children’s venues are successful, rewarding and fun. I would recommend this school to any child who loves to dance. “
– Susan, former parent
“I really look forward to the fabulous and unique year-end show. It’s not a recital – it’s a performance with an entertaining storyline, great costumes and always a happy ending!”
– Carol, parent

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