Registration Information

Registration for this year is opening soon!

Please send us an email to inquire about registration and to arrange a time to come in to the studio.

See our class schedule for 2021-2022 classes.

Length of ClassAnnual Tuition
Sept 2022 - May 2023
45 minutes$595.00
60 minutes$697.00
75 Minutes$799.00
90 Minutes$898.00

Registration Fee: $25 per student

Annual Discounts
2nd Family Member Discount – 10% off 2nd family member’s first class
Multiple Course Discounts – 2nd class – 10% off, 3rd class 4th class, 5th class, 6th class, etc. – 15% off
Inquire with the studio for boys tuition discount

Payment Plans
Payment plans are available for annual multiple classes and multiple family members. Payment plans are by credit card (VISA and Mastercard) only please inquire for all details.

Tax Credits
Vanessa Plettell Dance is an Educational Institution. Tuition fees are tax deductible for students 16 years and up, who are in the examination program. Some restrictions may apply.

Private Lessons
Private Lessons are available on request: 30 min – $40.00, 45 min – $60.00
Studio rental fees for registered students: $15.00/hour

Contact us


(613) 730-3066


1501 Sieveright Rd.#8

Ottawa, ON, K1T 1M5