Year End Performances

The Highlight of our School Year

We put on a professional performance which demonstrates the skills developed throughout the classes. This highlight of the year involves actors, Le Jazz Hot Dance Company dancers, fabulous choreographies, colourful costumes, a big audience, and a professional stage! This allows the students to develop their performance skills, learn theatre etiquette and to show off what they have learned in a big professional production.

Here’s what one of our audience members had to say about last year’s show:

“My name is Miranda and I am originally from the Ottawa area. I studied at Juilliard and now teach in Toronto. I was in Ottawa this past weekend visiting my mother for Mother’s Day and anytime I visit, I pop into Shenkman to see what’s playing. I went for a run and saw that your school was performing that night and thought I’d buy a ticket.

I am emailing you because I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your show. So unlike the painful recital of dance number after dance number. It was such a professional production!! The calibre was just outstanding. You have many talented dancers but I have to mention there was one little girl, a petite, tiny, little thing- she was in the opening number…what a firecracker!!! There was something about her that drew me in and every time she was on stage, my eye kept going to her no matter where she was. She just had a way of connecting to the crowd.

Your show was a breath of fresh air and I just thought I’d email to tell you how much I enjoyed it!” – Miranda H.