Ballet Classes – Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)

Ballet classes are the fundamental of dance  and we strongly recommend this as your first choice when choosing a dance class for your child .It is the perfect choice for all ages and genders 3 and up.

Ballet teaches poise, posture, strength and technique while enjoying an exciting fun class. Our method is the Royal Academy of Dance, an international ballet syllabus. We offer RAD Exams and Presentation classes in the children’s grades and exams in the vocational levels.

Included in the ballet classes from Grade 1 and up are Free Movement and Character . The  Free movement develops expression and a love for Contemporary and the Character is where they learn steps and a dance from various European countries.

Studies have proven that classical music and dance gives focus to the mind and calmness to the engaged individual. The professional ballet dancer’s physical workout is as demanding  as any athlete.

Try a drop in class to experience the fun.

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Our Method: Royal Academy Of Dance (R.A.D)


Our school’s method is the Royal Academy of Dance – an International Ballet Syllabus. We offer RAD Exams and Presentation classes in the Children’s Grades and exams in the Vocational.

To be considered for a RAD ballet exam the student must be taking per week:
Graded: Grades 1-3: (2 classes) Grades 4-7 (3 classes)
Vocational: Intermediate Foundation / Intermediate / Advanced Foundation / Advanced 1 (3-4 classes) Advanced 2 (5 classes)