To prepare you and your dancers, we wanted to share the following COVID-19 Safety Measures, that will welcome you and your dancer return this fall.

While continuously following Public Health we will ensure low ratio classes, sanitizing of studios and physical distancing.

What can you and your dancer expect?

In Preparation (At Home):

  • Dress code:
    • Change rooms will be closed, so at this time we are asking dancers to arrive dressed in either of the following attires:
      • Pink ballet convertible tights with a blue bodysuit (ballet) or caramel coloured convertible tights with black bodysuit (jazz, tap, acro).
      • Hair to be in a bun (ballet) or a ponytail (all other styles).
      • Visit our studio dress code for proper bodysuits and tights.
  • What to bring:
    • Dance bags (similar size to drawstring bags or gym bags).
    • As dancers will not be able to use the change rooms, we are asking them to bring a small dance bag containing only the essentials.
    • Dancers will need to bring with them: a mask, a water bottle, as we will not be providing glasses of water, and dance shoes, which will be placed where their designated spot is in the studio.
  • Symptom Check:
    • We ask all parents/dancers to review the following health check form health-screening questionnaire to ensure the dancers are not experiencing any COVID symptoms. If a dancer is experiencing any of the symptoms, they MUST NOT attend class.
    • We DO NOT want anyone coming into the studio if they are feeling unwell.
    • Dancers and faculty that show any symptoms at any point during their class will be sent home.

Studio Set-Up:

  • Studios and equipment will be sanitized frequently. The studio is fully equipped with hand sanitizers and antibacterial wipes.
  • Common areas, studio floors, and barres have been marked with the 2-meter distancing.
  • Studio A will hold up to 12 dancers max, Studio B will hold up to 10 dancers max, and Studio C will hold up to 6 dancers max. 

Arriving at the Studio:

  • ONLY dancers will be allowed in the studio. Parents WILL NOT be allowed to enter the studio. A VPD faculty member will greet the dancer at the door.
  • Dancers are to arrive no more than 15 minutes before the class and wait outside the studio, while outside please follow physical distancing.
  • All parents must wait in the parking lot to ensure their dancer passes the health assessment and temperature check before leaving.
  • Masks are mandatory and must be worn by dancers and faculty members when entering the studio and in all common areas. No mask means no entry to the studio.
  • Dancers that are late will not be allowed to enter the class and no refund will be given. Class will start right at the scheduled time.

Entering the Studio:

  • Upon entering, temperature checks will be done by a VPD faculty member.
  • Dancers must sanitize hands upon arrival.
  • Anyone with an irregular temperature WILL NOT be allowed in the studio.
  • Masks must always be worn while the dancer is in common areas such as; hallways and bathrooms. They must also be worn when the dancer is on their designated marked spot in the studio and leaving the studio.
    • They can remove their mask only when they are dancing. 
  • VPD faculty and dance instructors will also be wearing masks, especially during class time when physical distancing is not possible.

Departing the Studio:

  • Classes will end 5 minutes before the scheduled end time. This will allow time for the studio to be sanitized for the next class.
  • Prior to departure, each dancer must sanitize their hands.
  • No parents will be allowed in the studio for pick up, we ask that parents wait in the parking lot and to arrive 5 minutes prior to the end of the class for safety reasons.
  • Due to the safety of our dancers, all parents must park their vehicles and pick their child up at the door.
  • Following the class, VPD faculty will walk the dancers (with masks on and physical distancing) out front for pick up.

Please note that the above is subject to change based on all Public Health measures and safety guidelines.